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DeltiGrip Deltigrip eco - Quality Snow Chain for your car

Numer artykułu189
DC-Numer artykułuDPS-15625124
: 165/65-R14
: 155/80-R13, 165/70-R13, 175/65-R13, 195/55-R13
DeltiGrip snow chains have been developped by our parteners specialized in Snow Chains.
They are homologated by the TÜ V.

Those snow chains have been developped with main goals :
- Provide security, Fast & Easy mounting
- Good tread on snow
- Offer brand quality for a small price !

A bag is provided in order to facilitate transport & storage.

Snow chains – alloy steel - Manual tensioner

Check on the service book that the vehicle is compatible with chains. Check before mounting that the size matchesexactly with the size of your tires. Tip: make a test mounting before your departure. Mount on a flat track and put the handbrake. Mount on drive wheels, if permanent 4WD, mount on the back wheels. Manual tensioner: after fitting the chain, drive 100m and tension the whole again. Use only on snow or ice, at a maximum speed of 50km / h. Avoid on dry roads for produces instability of the vehicle in addition to significant wear. Maximum wear allowed40% of the link thickness: 1.5 mm minimum . Wash and dry before storage.

Contains: One Pair of chains – one pair of long gloves one storage bag one instruction manual one link repair kit.